Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Flyer for familiprix

Familiprix chain of independent pharmacists in Quebec. Pharmacies Familiprix text Familiprix and Flyer for familiprix access Familiprix store near you.

Familiprix Flyer for October 6 to 12. Be the first to get the new Flyers Familiprix! 1. Normal 0 + See Images opposite view. Start date: 10/06/2016 End Date

Familiprix is ​​a Canadian independent pharmacies. 2012 Familiprix consists of 320 pharmacies more than $ 1 billion in retail sales. Network Familiprix employs more than 5,000, and covers all of Quebec and parts of New Brunswick. Pharmacies banner space is organized in three sections: health, business and more. Familiprix the main 29th Quebec top 500 list of the 150 companies in Quebec is likely.

Familiprix primary mission is to better the Promo Code neighborhood pharmacy, where the focus is on knowledge and to provide medical care before-line communities.

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